Institute for Creative Technologies, USC

Intelligent Virtual Agents Conference 2006

Topics of Interest


IVA design and modeling
  - design criteria and methodologies
  - nature inspired IVAs/A-life for IVAs
  - models of affect and personality for IVAs
  - models for IVAs with awareness of their social context
  - modeling conversational skills and multi-modal interaction
  - non-verbal expressiveness in IVAs - gesture, facial expression, posture
  - media-specific design considerations, e.g., IVAs for VR, AR, web, and
    mobile applications
  - deployment of novel interaction modalities (e.g., vision, touch,
    phycons etc.)
  - IVAs with physical embodiment: lessons from and for robotics
  - ethical considerations, e.g., what human-qualities can / should IVAs
    have / never have

Conceptual architectures, e.g. for
  - learning IVAs
  - improvisational IVAs
  - multi-user /multi-IVA interaction
  - crowd simulations with IVAs

IVA application fields, pilot systems, and experience reports
  - education and training with IVAs
  - psychological modeling and experimentation
  - games
  - interactive narrative with IVAs
  - telepresence
  - case studies and evaluation reports on IVA pilots etc.

Evaluation of IVAs and IVA applications
  - evaluation methodologies / evaluation frameworks
  - reports on user studies and their outcomes
  - evaluation and data collection tools for IVAs

Software engineering issues
  - standards and measures to support interoperability, portability, and reuse
  - tools and toolkits for building IVAs and IVA applications
  - advanced 3D modeling and animation technologies for IVAs



Conference topics