Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) are autonomous, graphically embodied

agents in an interactive, 2D or 3D virtual environment. They are able

to interact intelligently with the environment, other IVAs, and especially

with human users. The conference is an interdisciplinary forum for researchers

and practitioners in computer graphics, animation, computer games, virtual

environments, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, cognitive

modeling, human-computer interaction and A-life.


Since the first IVA back in 1999 firm lines of research have been established

but there is much that the graphics and AI communities have to learn from

each other. Moreover, the domain of Intelligent Virtual Agents has become

much more diverse and now encompasses a wide range of disciplines including

in particular cognitive and social psychology (emotion modeling, non-verbal

communication), sociology (modeling human / IVA societies), HCI (intelligent

user interfaces,  gesture/body tracking interfaces), design and arts (e.g.,

interactive installations with IVAs), and numerous application domains. While

initial research often focused on the use of IVAs in virtual environments, they

are now increasingly used in web-based interfaces, personal computing devices

and  interactive television. IVAs can provide appealing characters for games

and entertainment. They can also be used in novel user interfaces  or even as

tools of psychological research. The rapid advances in the field have enabled

it to be applied in both in research and industrial contexts.


IVA'06 will be a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners from

academia and industry with an interest in the design, implementation, and

evaluation of IVAs and IVA applications. We aim for a lively program of timely,

high-quality presentations and demonstrations to discuss the state of the art

and future of Intelligent Virtual Agents.


IVA’06 will also host GALA – the Gathering of Life-like Agents – see for details or the IVA GALA page on this site.


Papers will be published in the Springer-Verlag LNAI (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) series.

Scope of conference

Institute for Creative Technologies, USC

Intelligent Virtual Agents Conference 2006