Institute for Creative Technologies, USC

Intelligent Virtual Agents Conference 2006


Poster sessions and demos are Tuesday from 19:15-20:45



Computer Model of Emotional Agents

             Dilyana Budakova, Lyudmil Dakovski 


Affective Robots as Mediators in Smart Environments

             Giovanni Cozzolongo, Berardina De Carolis


Expression of Emotion in Body and Face

             Elizabeth Crane, M. Melissa Gross, Barbara Fredrickson 


Towards primate-like synthetic sociability

             Pablo dos Anjos 


Here Be Dragons: Integrating Agent Behaviors with Emergent Landscapes and Structures

             Todd Furmanski


Visual Design of Virtual Pedagogical Agents: Naturalism versus Stylization in Static Appearance

             Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake 


The Role of Social Norm in User-engagement and Appreciation of the Web Interface Agent Bonzi Buddy

             Johan Hoorn, Henriette van Vugt 


Countering Adversarial Strategies in Multi-agent Virtual Scenarios

             Yu-Cheng Hsu, Paul Chang, Von-Wun Soo 


Avatar's Gaze Control to Facilitate Conversational Turn-taking in Virtual-Space Multi-User Voice

             Cha Ryo Ishii, Toshimitsu Miyajima, Kinya Fujita, Yukiko Nakano


The Role of Discourse Structure and Response Time in Multimodal Communication

             Patrick Jeuniaux, Max Louwerse, Xiangen Hu


The PAC Cognitive Architecture

             Lynn Miller, Stephen Read, Wayne Zachary, Jean-Christophe LeMentec,

             Vassil Iordanov, Andrew Rosoff, James Eilbert 


Control of avatar's facial expression using fundamental frequency in multi-user voice chat system

             Toshimitsu Miyajima, Kinya Fujita 


Modeling cognition with a human memory inspired advanced neural controller

             David Panzoli, Hervé Luga, Yves Duthen 


Storytelling - The difference between Fantasy and Reality

             Guilherme Raimundo, Joáo Cabral, Celso de Melo, Luís Oliveira, Ana Paiva 


A Plug-and-Play Framework for Theories of Social Group Dynamics

             Matthias Rehm, Birgit Endraß, Elizabeth André 


Learning Classifier Systems and behavioural animation of virtual characters

             Stephane Sanchez, Hervé Luga, Yves Duthen


Using Intelligent Agents to Facilitate Game Based Cultural Familiarization Training

             Thomas Santarelli, Charles Barba, Floyd Glenn, Daphne Bogert 


Mind the Body - Filling the Gap between Minds and Bodies in Synthetic Characters

             Marco Vala, Joáo Dias, Ana Paiva 


CAB: A Tool for Interoperation Among Cognitive Architectures

             Wayne Zachary, Jean-Christophe LeMentec


Conference Accepted Paper List

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Accepted Paper List